11 febrer 2016

About me

Hi! Welcome to my website. I am Sílvia Miranda Sánchez, a translator and proofreader based in Berlin, Germany.

I am committed to bridging different cultural and linguistic realities by providing high-quality translations from English, German and French into Catalan and Spanish.

Translation not only involves writing words in a different language, but also deeply understanding the linguistic, terminological and cultural concepts behind the original text and being able to transcreate them in the target language. This is a complex process which requires specific skills and experience.

I believe that continuous training is an essential part of my job. This is why, eight years after entering the translation business, I still improve my skills constantly by attending seminars, courses and conferences that help me get better at what I do. I also believe in sharing knowledge, so I volunteer by localising and mentoring new translators in open-source projects, as well as giving talks about localisation and linguistic quality.

Do you need to deliver your message to the world? Let’s work together! I would love to hear from you.